Brand Ambassador

SCP Brand Ambassador Program

So you want to be a part of a growing technology movement?  Let us help!

Strength coach pro is seeking brand ambassadors to work with us to help grow the brand, and in return we want to reward you as best we can!  What is a brand ambassador? Basically, you use Strength Coach Pro, give us feedback, and occasionally promote the brand and help us to move forward.  Its part consulting, part educational, and part promoting of Strength Coach Pro.

So first, what do we expect out of brand ambassadors (or as we call them – the Strength Team)?

Heres a rough breakdown, its a work in progress but we think its a good framework:

  • **Use SCP and let us know your thoughts, what you want changed, upgraded, or moved around
  • **Post about SCP on your personal profiles 1x a month
  • **Help promote SCP within your personal network IF a proper opportunity arises (we don’t like spammers – but naturally this stuff comes up and we would love to be part of your recommendations)
  • **Be active in our FB users group

And what do we want to give our Strength Team?

  • **Free, unlimited access to SCP
  • **SCP Shirt & Mug
  • **$200 commission per coach referral (must sign up and stay after 14 day trial)
  • **Priority access to speak at our free SCP Coaches Events (build your personal brand)



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