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Don't settle for less than the best, and NEVER PAY A RECURRING FEE AGAIN.

Save Time and make better programs with Strength Coach Pro.

  • Save hours per week on your program design and management.
  • Build comprehensive databases of exercises, programs, sets and reps and more.
  • Unlimited Athletes, programs, and the easiest program  builder known to man.
  • Cancel your current software and NEVER pay a recurring fee again.
  • Program Management tools to save and distribute programs like you never thought possible!
  • Preloaded with hundreds of exercises and set/rep schemes.

ONE TIME FEE - $1195

(Or 6x199)


Heres the deal: Coaches are in a TIGHT SPOT when it comes to software.

Tell me if this sounds familiar:  You have a TON of excel templates on your computer, and you would love to go digital.  But the other software on the market just DOESNT WORK how you want, or you simply cannot justify spending $500-$1500 per YEAR on it.

I understand.  As a gym owner, strength coach, and founder of Excel Training Designs, I have worked with THOUSANDS of coaches to help them builder better programs.  But the limitations of Excel are still there - who wants a TON of templates sitting around?
We at Strength Coach Pro intend to fix this.  We want you to have the BEST software possible, at a price you can afford.  

Our competition often times charges $500 per year for ONLY 50 ATHLETES, and 1500+ for unlimited athletes.

Not us.

We have a simple motto: Better programs in less time.  With Strength Coach Pro, we don't believe that coaches should have to sacrifice their program to fit the limitations of what their software can support, and we don't believe coaches should have to pay four figures every year to have good software.

The Best Software. The Best Price.

What if you could get the BEST program design software ever made - one made BY A COACH that works how you want - and never have to struggle with Excel again?

Oh, and never pay a recurring fee for access.

Want to see it? Watch now.

Build Comprehensive Databases

Here is where most software gets it wrong:  They don't know how coaches REALLY work.  

No Recurring Fees

Never pay a recurring fee again for your software.

Quickly Make and Distribute Programs

With dropdowns for exercises as well as specific set and rep lists, you can make programs in no time.

Lifetime Updates.

Get EVERY UPGRADE WE EVER DO.  Included at no cost.  And we have a LOT coming.

Never Mess with Excel Formulas Again

Your job as a strength coach is not to be an Excel Guru.  Its to write and administer great programs!

Unlimited Athletes, programs, coaches etc

We will not throttle how much you can use then ask for money.  Unlimited EVERYTHING.

Try Strength Coach Pro

"Inspired by Excel. Built for the web. 

My name is Steve Olson, I am the founder of Strength Coach Pro and previously Excel Training Designs.

I have built excel templates for coaches around the world. But now I have a new goal: to get coaches extremely easy and intuitive program design software for an affordable price.

Our competition believes schools and coaches around the world have $1000+ just sitting around to pay for software.  I am a coach and gym owner, and I know better - I know you have expenses that need to be paid, gyms that need to be updated, new tools and equipment you need - and if all that money is going towards software, you can't get it.


Just $1195

(Or 6x$199)

Unlimited Athletes.

Unlimited Programs.

No recurring Fees.

What Strength Coach Pro Can Do for You:

Quickly Create The Best Customized Programs.

"Don't sacrifice your program to fit the limitations of software."

Our drag and drop program builder is worlds above any other program creating device on the planet.  It is easy, intuitive, infinitely versatile and can handle ANY training program you want to put in it.

Unlimited Athletes

Never have a limit on the number of athletes again.  With us, you will be able to add as many athletes as you want, and save every piece of data that each athlete ever does.  Assign training programs, track progress, past workouts, surveys and more, all in one place.

Add Assistant Coaches

Want to add an assistant coach, but give them limited access to the program?

Our app gives you just that option. Easily add assistant coaches and give them access to what YOU need them to do.

Custom Unlimited Set & Rep Storage

Create your own set and rep schemes, in our easy multi-week set and rep storage.  You can make multi-week schemes, or program in time, distance, or even add an assigned rest period.

But 5x3 @ 80% is different than 5x3 @ 50%.  With this program, you can save all your set and rep schemes into custom databases for permanent storage, and quick recall using dropdowns right on our program builder.

Fully Customizable Exercise Database

Not only do we give you an exercise database pre-filled with hundreds of exercises, but you can always add more exercises to the program. And, you can make any exercise calculate a weight.

Better yet, you can even attach videos to every exercise so your clients can quickly see a demo of the exercise right in their program.

Save UNLIMITED training Programs

No throttling - create as many programs as you want and reassign those programs to your clients whenever you need.

We don't use a calendar, we strictly believe that programs sit independently of a training calendar for athletes. Programs are designed to achieve a specific result, not be done on a specific day (especially with the number of variables that can make an athlete miss a day)

Printable Programs

Don't want technology in the weight room?  No problem, I get it. 

Easily print programs for your athletes right to an Excel like template with one click of a button.

Built in Video Support

Attach videos to exercises so your clients can easily see what they need to be doing. 

Or, using our multi-media block, you can put a video RIGHT in your clients training program.

Rack Mounted iPad / Weight Room View

No matter the layout you choose, you will get a 2nd variation of it absolutely free.  This version will be a 2 week progression, that has columns for planning and tracking both Velocity based training, as well as tempo work.  In addition, it allows your athletes to record the actual weight used during that session in an ACT column.

This is included with your base template, 100% free!

Built in Surveys and INSTANT Notifications

Not only do we have surveys, we put your surveys directly on your athletes training program as part of their daily workout.  On top of that, you can set instant notifications to get notified if an athlete answers a survey response that meets a threshold that YOU set.

For example - on your survey you can ask a scale question (1-10) of "how sore are you?" and set a threshold of equal to or greater than 7.  Anytime an athlete answers that question with a response equal to or greater than 7, you will be instantly notified on the app that X Athlete answered that question with a response of (7+).

Every Bit of Data - Saved Permanently

No matter the layout you choose, you will get a 2nd variation of it absolutely free.  This version will be a 2 week progression, that has columns for planning and tracking both Velocity based training, as well as tempo work.  In addition, it allows your athletes to record the actual weight used during that session in an ACT column.

This is included with your base template, 100% free!

Fully Athlete Mobile Ready

When your athletes log in, they will be taken DIRECTLY to their workout in a SUPER easy to read and mobile friendly layout.

No recurring Fees

None. Spend your money elsewhere!

All Future Upgrades Included

We have so many new features coming - and they will all be pushed directly to your account, always.

Reporting, assessments, and more - all on the way.

This product saved me TONS of time on the front end, and had a grid for everything you can think of - sets, reps, exercise database, time under tension - you name it, it's got it! Whatever parameters you want to set up for the team you are training, it can facilitate it. Some templates or document set-ups lock your style of training into a particular routine just based on how it's set up. The limiting factor with these templates however, is just your own imagination! They can accommodate any training philosophy - I am completely happy with my purchase!

To be honest, the most helpful thing for me was just how accessible Steve is with answering questions. I thought for sure by my 10th question in about 3 days he was going to be like "look buddy, just figure it out." Not so. He was patient with me and prompt in answering questions via email and cell phone. He's a great guy and one heck of a blessing to the strength & conditioning community - thanks, Steve!!

- Josh Willhite - Strength & Conditioning Coach, Vanderbilt

Summary of What You’ll Get...

  • Unlimited Athletes
  • Unlimited Programs
  • Virtually Unlimited Program Design Options
  • Completely Customizable Databases
  • Athlete Mobile Ready
  • Works for Strength Coaches, Gym owners, Online Trainers and More.
  • No recurring fees, one time payment.
  • Preloaded with hundreds of exercises and set/rep schemes.

Get LIFETIME ACCESS to Strength Coach Pro.

NEVER Need another programming software for your teams or clients.


Or 6 payments of $199

Lifetime Updates
Unlimited Phone, Email & Text Support


Get LIFETIME ACCESS to Strength Coach Pro

Just $1195 - One Time Fee
(Or 6 payments of $199)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What type of coaches is this MOST useful for?
Team Strength Coaches, Private Strength Coaches, Online Trainers, Gym Owners.

The way we separate programs from clients - the biggest factor is: do you do a lot of programming, and really CARE about your programming, and would love a way to manage your programs so that not only are they easy and customizable, but also reusable?  If so, this would work.

How many athletes can I have on it?
Unlimited. Forever.

Can I program with tier system?
Absolutely - you can even rename the top 3 tiers of each day to be your Total, Lower or Upper tier, and add supersets within them.

Can I do Triphasic?
Yep - with our notes you can attach tempos to your training programs.

Can I assign a single program to an entire team?
Absolutely, and even better than that - you can assign a program to specific subsections of teams (say - football lineman, or baseball pitchers) using our tag system.

Can my athletes pull the program up on their phone?
Absolutely.  A super mobile friendly version is already available, and an app is coming soon.

Can I print the programs?
Yes - programs are easily printable right to a sheet of paper and look like one of my old Excel templates!

Will it automatically calculate weights?
Yes - just like my old excel sheets, it can even calculate weights for one lift based off the max of another.  And as your athletes update their metrics in their program, it will automatically update all future calculated weights based off their new max - no manual data entry required!

Do you support rack mounted ipads in weight rooms?
Yes - our weight room view allows you to pull up specific athletes programs on a rack mounted ipad.

Does it support video?
Yes, you can attach youtube videos to exercises - so  if your client needs to see what an exercise is they simply hit a play button. You can also put a video directly in the athletes program using our multimedia block on the program builder. 

Can I track my clients progress?
Absolutely. Every metric (test protocol) an athlete ever does is stored in a database to easily view their progress on a graph right inside the app.

Will there be more features coming?
ABSOLUTELY.  We have so much stuff coming in the next 12 months its unreal - testing reports, mobile app, new training blocks, and more.

Will I get access to those features?
Yes, all included with your lifetime license?

And by buying access, I will get lifetime access with no recurring fees?
Yep.  Save that money to buy your clients new equipment, or give yourself a raise.

How does this compare to the other apps on the market?
For one - way cheaper (of course). Second, our drag and drag multi-day, multi-week program builder is far and away the best on the market. No one comes close to how we design and build programs.  Our surveys create instant notifications for certain answers. And finally, we do not use a calendar view. You know that annoying thing where you drag a workout to an athletes day then have to copy it to the next week and modify, and making a 4 day 4 week program takes roughly 3 years? Not with us.

Is the price going to go up in the future?
Yes.  In order to maintain our business and grow, we will be increasing the price over time, especially as we add more features..

My experience with this product has been wonderful! I was skeptical on purchasing the product at first but I KNOW I've made a great decision with zero regrets.

This template has helped me save time with program designing, keep track of past programs to recall in the future, and supply a large group/team with individualized programs specific to their needs.

- Charles Loftis - Owner, XCEL Performance and Fitness


Yes, we are a bit later to the game than some of the companies below, many of whom have built amazing products with exceptional features that we do not have.  However, we believe we got the MOST important part right: the coaches program design experience, and the price.  And since you will get every feature we have now and in the future included, this is a winning situation 💪


# Of Athletes


Unlimited Databases?

Fully Digital Platform

Athlete Portal Login?

Multi Day Multi Week Drag and Drop  Program Builder?

Up to 500

Tiered up to $1800 / Month





Tiered Up to 1000

Tiered up to $399/Mo





Tiered Up to 50

Tiered up to $99 /







Tiered Starting At $2 / Athlete





Tiered up to 500

Tiered up to $1500 / Year







One Time Fee





Microsoft Excel


Usually Free (Except LOTS OF TIME!)





All prices are public information as found on the pricing page of each respective company, and can be found by clicking the name of the company.

Why make the switch to Strength Coach Pro? 

Simple - we want to give you the versatility you have been looking for in software, at a price you can afford.

I have made over 1000 excel templates for coaches at every level: professional, olympic, high school, private sectors, powerlifting gyms and more.  

I am a business owner, strength coach, gym owner and I understand what you need more than any other coach's software on the PLANET.  And I will make it happen for you.  

Get Access Now!

Just $1195. Including Lifetime Updates to the Software, Unlimited Phone, Email & Text support, unlimited athletes, and NO RECURRING FEES.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. 

I will stop to no ends to make sure this software works for you.  Every issue will be fixed promptly, and updates released regularly.  

"Better Programs in Less Time. I Guarantee It."