Release 2.01


Big list of updates today!
Here is the summary of everything that was updated of fixed on our release on 1/31/2020.


  • Object Object Error on Coach Creation Fixed
  • WhiteBoard View Scales Appropriately
  • Whiteboard view font size adjusted
  • Coach Roster Button Layout fixed
  • Exercise page labels exercise assigned to appropriate metric
  • Object Object exercise adjustments are fixed


  • Spinner on Update athlete
  • Regenerate Registration Email Button for Athletes

About the author 

Steve Olson, MS, CSCS

Steve is a strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and founder and CEO of Strength Coach Pro. Prior to founding SCP, Steve owned Excel Training Designs, a company created to help coaches better learn and use Excel for programming. Steve also owns a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC, and has his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science.

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