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Motor Learning

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This Weeks Topics: Motor Learning and Control

This is one of my favorite topics when it comes to training athletes, mostly because of my time in training youth athletes and my thought process change about 8 years ago.  I realized that so many coaches emphasize measurable and hard skills when training, that sometimes we forget that strength training itself is a skill which can be trained and improved upon, and training athletes can be used not just as a strength tool, but as a motor skill and learning acquisition tool.  This philosophy has guided my thought process to training athletes since: not only are we trying to improve force production, but improve movement skill, quality and ability in a 3 dimensional way.

Read more about motor learning and how it can affect your programming below!
theories of motor learning

The Theories of Motor Learning

By: Dr. Maheshwari

This well put together slideshow is a great recap of everything you learned in school regarding motor learning and motor control. If you haven’t brushed up on the basics, this is a great start.

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understanding motor learning stages

Understanding Motor Learning Stages

By: Human Kinetics

Human Kinetics wrote this fantastic article on the stages of motor learning and its basis in instruction and skill formation

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motor learning

Motor Learning

By: Steve Olson

Yours truly put together this reminder article so you can quickly glance and learn at all the topics surrounding motor learning.

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Listen of the Week

Motor Learning with Trevor Ragan

Kris Hampton and Trevor Ragan discuss on The Power Company Podcast about the principles and theories behind motor learning. Trevor is given scenarios and examples using the drills Kris created for his workshops and coaching, and asked how he might improve upon them based on the research behind motor learning. ​

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Steve Olson, MS, CSCS

Steve is a strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and founder and CEO of Strength Coach Pro. Prior to founding SCP, Steve owned Excel Training Designs, a company created to help coaches better learn and use Excel for programming. Steve also owns a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC, and has his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science.

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