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This Weeks Topics: The Residual Affect of Training

Over the next several weeks we are going to send articles and release podcasts and specific aspects of programming for athletes, and variables that must be considered when writing a year long training program.  This weeks topic is the residual affect of training.    Why is this important?  Because the timing of training a specific quality in an athlete is of course important, and the longevity that the quality sticks around after you stop training it determines when you should train it in a yearly calendar.  Some training programs circumvent this by training all qualities in some form year round, others use a block system where they train qualities in a successive manner, stacking one on top of another.  However, the residual affect of training is important in both regards. Read below to find out more!

The Advantages of Block Training in Athletics

By: Matt Van Dyke

As usual, another great article from Van Dyke Strength.  This article discusses the difference between block periodization (one quality at a time) and conjugate programming (multiple qualities simultaneously). Block periodization relies on residual affects of training as the cornerstone of its programming, and this article discusses how that works and specifically within a Triphasic program.

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Cumalitive & Residual Training Effects

By: AJ Stew

A very detailed look at the length of the residual affects of training based on different physiological traits, and how that fits into a training program.

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Central Concepts Related to Periodization​

By: Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

A more comprehensive look at programming, but this article also discusses fatigue, and how that can influence performance and readiness.

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Listen of the Week

In Season Training Residual Training Effect

Jeff Moyer and Yosef Johnson sit down and discuss how the residual training effects of the off-season training can effect in-season performance

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Steve is a strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and founder and CEO of Strength Coach Pro. Prior to founding SCP, Steve owned Excel Training Designs, a company created to help coaches better learn and use Excel for programming. Steve also owns a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC, and has his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science.

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