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This Weeks Topics: Variety Week

This week, instead of choosing one distinct topic for our Performance Reads, we decided to share with you 3 different training topics. As we approach the Swimming season, our first article dives into the Tier System for Swimmers, our second artcle disucsses, High Frequency For Athletes (Trust me I know what youre thinking, but hear me out on this one) and lastly, A Case For Specialized Exercises.

We hope you have enjoyed our Performance Reads of the Week thus far!

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Tier System for the Physical Preparation of the Swimmer

By: Pete Arroyo

Pete dives into the Tier system and how it fits perfectly into portions of the swim event and the number of days they train.  Examining basic swim vernacular, there are three components of a race that we can relate to training movements within the tier system.

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High Frequency Training for Athletes

By: Steve Olson

 I am here to tell you that high frequency training can have serious benefits for athletes if implemented sensibly and correctly.

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A Case For Specialized Exercises

By: Steve Olson

If you want your athletes running their fastest and jumping farthest when the season starts, and also wanting your pitchers throwing the fastest, volleyball players spiking their hardest, swimmers with the most powerful stroke, and baseball players with the fastest swing then you should…

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Listen of the Week

Specialized Exercises

Dr. Michael Yessis joins us on the Strength Coach Pro Podcast to discuss Specialized Exercises and how athletes could benefit from that type of training for their individual sports.

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About the author 

Steve Olson, MS, CSCS

Steve is a strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and founder and CEO of Strength Coach Pro. Prior to founding SCP, Steve owned Excel Training Designs, a company created to help coaches better learn and use Excel for programming. Steve also owns a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC, and has his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science.

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