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Remember the days where we had to go through file cabinents to find what we were looking for? Even some applications and softwares today, still make it impossible to find the simplest things. This weeks highlighted feature will show you how easy is it to find your athlete, exercise and team all within our tagging system.

Tags are the foundation of how Strength Coach Pro organizes information.  We use them in place of exercise categories, rosters, as well as how you can organize information such as metrics, surveys and sets and reps.

Unfiltered Tag

Take a look at the top of this dashboard. You can see that there is not a tag chosen which means all of your execerises that you created, will not be organized based on what you are specifically looking for. If you are looking for specific exercises, then you will want to type your tag in the top which will filter your exercises to allow easier access to what you are looking for.

Filtered Tag

By filtering the tag with “Lower”, only the exercises that focus on lower body will appear. Once you filter your execercises with the tag, your dashboard will automaticlly eliminate the exercises that do not fit with what youre looking for. This tagging system organizes your search which ultimately save you a lot of time.

Add Exercises

Choose the exercise you want done and organize it based on what part of the body it is working on. For this example, if you the exercise is “Squat” then potential tags you can choose can be “Lower” “Bilateral” or “Barbell”.  Later on, when you want to find the Squat exercise, you would type one of those 3 tags to find it.

Create Athletes

After you register your athlete, you will be able to tag them in an organized way so you can find them easier later on. In this case, if you’re coaching 50+ athletes on a football team, the tagging system would be beneficial for you because you can organize your athletes into positions, or high school status, such as freshman, sophomore, junior, etc.

Assign Program from the Tag

Once you have your program ready to be sent, instead of indiviually selecting each athlete you have, simply click “Include Athletes with the Tag”. In this case, this will push your program to everyone whos tag has “football”.

Even in the Weight Room View

Tags are all located on the left side of the screen. Imagine a tag as an unlimited file, that can hold as many athletes in it as you want. Instead of searching one by one, consuming a lot of time, just find the tag on the left, and everything else will appear.

Tagging is one of the features that make SCP simple and easy to use. If you want to see the other features that could benefit you and your programming.

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About the author 

Steve Olson, MS, CSCS

Steve is a strength and conditioning coach, gym owner, and founder and CEO of Strength Coach Pro. Prior to founding SCP, Steve owned Excel Training Designs, a company created to help coaches better learn and use Excel for programming. Steve also owns a strength and conditioning gym in Cary, NC, and has his bachelors and masters in Exercise Science.

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