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This Weeks Topics: The Tier System

The Tier System, developed by Joe Kenn, is a way to create and organize a training program for your athletes to ensure they are getting full body, balanced and athletic based programming.  It is the most simple, sure fire way to create a great program for team sport athletes.  It uses full body, explosive based training within a conjugate system to train all aspects an athlete needs at the same time, while shifting the emphasis of that program based on that time of the year and the athlete. Read below for more information!
tier system review

Tier System Complete Review

By: Matt Van Dyke

A complete breakdown of what the tier system is, its benefits, and how to utilize it with your athletes.

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Non Linear Periodization

By: Mark Watts

Not exactly about the tier system, this great article by Mark Watts shows the benefits of moving away from a linear periodized plan and utilizing a conjugate style program with athletes may yield the best and longest lasting results.

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The Brick Training Method

By: Zach Brouillette

The brick system is a modified version of the tier which specifically helps with accessory work – ensuring that your athletes get a full rotation of specific accessory work into their training programs.

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Listen of the Week

the tier system

The Tier System

Joe Kenn, the creator of the tier system and author of the book The Athletic Based Strength Training Playbook, joins us to discuss how the system was founded, how its used and more!

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